Издетальство Editionpanorama выпустило в свет книгу "Australia Panorama" в 0000 году. Она на 120 страницах, у нее твердый переплет. Автор издания Oliver Bolch. Книга выпущена в серии - по цене 241.00 рублей. ISBN номер 978-3-89823-334-7. For this project, Oliver Bolch explored Australia from end to end with his panorama camera. The brillant colour photographs of the fifth continent show the virgin rainforests of the north, the arid, red waste of the outback and the glorious beaches along the coast. The traces of the relatively recent settlement of the country are also recorded on film – lonely and forgotten places, as well as pulsating metropolises like the major cities of Melbourne and Sydney..

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