Издетальство Die Gestalten Verlag выпустило в свет книгу "On Air: The Visual Messages And Global Language Of MTV" в 2005 году. Она на 224 страницах, у нее твердый переплет. Автор издания MTV. Книга выпущена в серии - по цене 2730.00 рублей. ISBN номер 978-3-89955-061-0. Since its inception MTV has played an eminent role in defining the visual culture of several generations on a global scale. By continually challenging young, not-yet-known artists, animators and filmmakers to create images for its worldwide network of stations, MTV also functions as a catalyst for the creative expression of our time. This comprehensive book documents both the best in recent MTV designs and campaigns from around the world and the station's visionary influence on the design of the future. On Air is the definitive collection of the broad range of visual art created for MTV including clips, program trailers and it's own brand advertising. It includes _classic and contemporary work done for stations in Asia, Europe and the Americas that was previously unseen outside of the local market for which it was created, plus groundbreaking visuals that have yet to air. In order to include moving images, the book is accompanied by a 70-min. DVD containing a vast selection of unparalleled motion graphics, on-air designs and clips from MTV stations around the globe. This authoritative volume presents a broad range of projects with information on the artists, briefings and releases. In addition to cutting edge images, it contains exclusive interviews with Brent Hansen (President of Creative & Editor in Chief, MTV Networks International), Cristián Jofré (Senior Vice President of Creative) and other creative masterminds at MTV, along with texts by the Creative Directors from the local MTV stations worldwide. They provide insight into the creative development within the separate regions and markets that all have their own flavours and touches but always maintain their core identity, as well as how they have evolved from 'music television' into a global multimedia empire. The combination of its rich graphic visuals and innovative design with texts written by international guest authors including the acclaimed English writer Mark Tungate, make On Air an inspiring portrait of one of the most inventive and successful companies the world over. The scope, quality and exclusivity of the shown work make the book a must-have for a wide range of creatives and professionals alike..

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