Издетальство Die Gestalten Verlag выпустило в свет книгу "Tactile. High Touch Visuals" в 2007 году. Она на 208 страницах, у нее твердый переплет. Автор издания R. Klanten. Книга выпущена в серии - по цене 2409.00 рублей. ISBN номер 978-3-89955-200-3. New developments occur when boundaries are crossed. Today, the most progressive designers are working at the intersection of various creative disciplines. They are challenging existing design principles and defining them anew. Many designers from different areas are choosing to no longer work exclusively in two dimensions and are instead dealing intensively with space, material and physical products. The book Hidden Track investigated this development in 2005 and portrayed it in its breadth for the first time. Now, Tactile shows how graphic design is moving into three-dimensional objects and products and presents graphic design that works with space – or the perception of space. The book focuses less on murals than on products, objects, installations and collage that demonstrate how designers are developing and implementing their ideas spatially from the very outset of a given project. Tactile proves that spatial innovation in graphic design is not limited to personal work or artistic endeavours for exhibition, but is being sought out more and more often by commercial clients, for example in store design. With its insight into this experimental field of graphic design, Tactile targets young, progressive designers as well as professionals from the fields of advertising, architecture and interior design. Because its topical content is compiled in a way that highlights the interesting multi-disciplinary interactions between the various works, Tactile also offers inspiration for creatives in fashion, lifestyle and art..

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